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BM Color of the Year 2022

Paint Colors trending for 2022

The Pandemic has certainly put more focus on our living environment and in particular interior spaces. We have noticed that homeowners have been a bit more willing to experiment with paint colors and decorating ideas over the past year or so compared to previous years. Before COVID, the approach was oftentimes geared towards retaining resale value and not taking too many risks. Homeowners would typically gravitate towards a neutral palette by default.  With the transition to remote work and spending so much time at home,  we have seen a significant shift in that thinking taking place. Most of us have started to put more emphasis on making our living environment as functional and comfortable as possible in order to weather the pandemic storm. The trend has also been to blend the outdoors/nature with the home interiors. We believe that has been a driver for the new 2022 colors of the years announced by some big paint manufacturers.

Here are a couple North American paint manufacturere’s selection of Color of the Year for 2022:

2022 Color of the Year:  October Mist 1495 by Benjamin Moore and Gray Mist 419B from Pratt & Lambert

BM 2022 Color of the Year

BM October Mist 1495

October Mist by Benjamin Moore

(Source: Benjamin Moore)

Pratt & Lambert 2022 Color of the Year

PL Gray Mist 419B

We predict these Colors will make a mark in 2022:

Overall the paint color trends that are emerging from this pandemic and lockdowns that have kept us at home, appear to be more warm and nature oriented.  This is apparent from the above color of the year selections.  Additonal colors to watch for for 2022 will be

Soft Pinks and Mauves

(Source: Pinterest)

Soft Rose Cabinets

(Source: Pinterest)

Mauve Bedroom

(Source: Pinterest)

Sherwin Williams

(Source: Sherwin Williams0


Greens – from Soft Sages to vivid Malachite greens  

Sherwin William Evergreen

(Source: Sherwin Williams)

Glen Park Kitchen

(Source: MP DESIGN)  

(Source: Pinterest)  

(Source: Pinterest)

Oranges – combined with Grays and/or Black

Gray Home Office

(Source: Pinterest)

Gray Sofa

(Source: Pinterest)

Gray-Brown Kitchen

(Source: Pinterest)

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